I am offering an opportunity to entrepreneurs who are interested in developing the skills needed to open a business in the skilled trade of custom molded shoes. This would also be a unique opportunity for Certified Pedorthists, Podiatrists, Shoe Repair Specialist & Orthopedic Medical Practitioners.

I operate as the owner and cobbler of the third generation in my family business. Locally owned and residing in "The Greater Louisville Area" of Kentucky, I have obtained a very special and specific skill-set. This was founded on a wealth of knowledge acquired through 40 years of experience in business. 

The majority of shoes I craft for clients meet a specific set of criteria that is usually associated with foot abnormalities. These abnormalities most frequently result from issues with various disabilities including but not limited to diabetes and amputees. In some cases, as I have, you may even need to create shoes for one of the tallest men on Earth.

This business goes far beyond today's fashionable footwear. I am in the business of making shoes that make your feet FEEL beautiful. My ability to help individuals in need has forever changed the lives of many.

I am the sole operator of a business in an industry with very high demand. This has made it nearly impossible to provide this service to others in need outside of my geographic area. 

This business is non-region specific, but I am specifically looking for individuals from other regions that would like to study under me. This would be an educational opportunity that would run for a pre-determined time, in exchange for your financial investment. This investment in your future will provide you with the necessary tools and knowledge to begin operations in your own domain. 

If you are genuine in your desire to pursue this opportunity, please contact me by e-mail for details.

Thank you for your interest,

Alan Kleinman